It’s My Weiner in a Box

Anthony WeinerI once admired Anthony Weiner; he was a defiant — if not loud — voice in Congress who was on the right side of so many issues.

But today, Weiner has become a poster child for political mischief makers. Yet New Yorkers apparently forgave him for tweeting his bird while in Congress and for a while he was given serious consideration in this year’s mayor’s race. But alas, he blew it again when he was involved in yet a another sexting scandal, this time with a 22-year-old woman while using the hilariously cloak-and-dagger handle of “Carlos Danger.” Weiner was crushed in the Democratic primary.

Now, I’m hearing that Weiner is being considered for an hour-long radio show on either WABC or WOR, two New York AM stations. He may yet make another comeback and I hope he does.

I couldn’t resist portraying Weiner as one of the two sleazy R&B crooners (Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg) of “Dick in a Box” fame. Weiner may be a putz, but he is the comedic gift that keeps on giving.