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  1. I was interested to read about your dusoissicn with your niece and her mother. I suspect many people are not aware that searching the internet is an art, or at least may require some artful dodging if you want to be effective. Particularly non-intellectual friends of mine have difficulty finding things outside of a few special sites they visit such as chat rooms, or wikipedia. But not only such friends: an IT colleague of mine recently turned out to be unfamiliar with google advanced search.I have been through a good deal of trial and error to arrive at my current techniques for Google (I’m talking about text searches only). The “basic examples” on the google cheat sheet are all very well – but what words or phrases should you think about choosing for all those ORs, pluses and minuses? The matter gets trickier in languages more inflected than English (I speak German as well).And of course you need to know a bit about how the given search engines works. I’m not even sure I know enough about the Google engine, though it would be easy enough to find out. For instance, does the order in “X Y Z” (X, Y and Z are single words) affect the outcome? I had been working on that assumption, but when I just now searched “thatched roof” (in “all these words”, not “this exact wording or phrase”) I got 154,000 hits, but “roof thatched” got me 1,010,000 hits. I hadn’t been expecting that. As I indicated, I would like to be able to find effective tips to give to friends of mine who are not so language-reflective as myself, but it ain’t easy.I see only two principles so far, in the current state of the art. One is trivial in a profound sort of way. Namely, that you will find what you’re looking for only on sites written by people who think and write as you do when you formulate the search. So, for instance, to search for something legal, or having to do with a public authority, you need to know exactly how civil servants talk about that thing. The second principle is related to the first. Namely, that these OR/+/- techniques are probably just too clumsy in principle. We need different approaches, different algorithms. How to search for good search techniques??

  2. Olá! Vou fazer o Costa Favolosa para o Reveillon deste ano!! Vai ter uma programação de dança durante o período de viagem? Faço dança de salão e sou apaixonada, não queria ficar sem dançar durante a viagem!!!

  3. amazing how satisfied you feel when you give your body what it needs. If I had participated in the VIRTUAL VEGAN POTLUCK on May 12th, this is the dish that I intended to include.  Be creative when you are making vegan

  4. 1a2Tu és mara, guria!!Minha intenção sempre foi me divertir – confesso que hoje me divirto menos do que no começo,mas ainda me divirto muito. Qqr pessoa que crie blog com outro objetivo além desse, não vai entender a experiência toda.Mas enfim, é como tu disse, tem lugar pra todo mundo e tem leitor pra todo mundo tbem!!Grande beijo pra ti!!

  5. Kanbun: Obama would not be a US Citizen at all. Anony 6:03 is right, Cuba was a US Protectorate under the Platt amendment when Rubio's parents were born there, they were nothing BUT US Citizens. Since Marco was then born in Miami, he was a natural born citizen.But notice that Fred Thompson does not use this argument, he fucks things up using British Common Law, because a natural born subject of Britain CAN BE BORN ANYWHERE. We don't use BCL; The Law of Nations by Vattel is what the USC is based upon.